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User testing for the people

Everyone deserves unbiased feedback

I was introduced to the idea of 5 second tests while taking a copywriting course. I knew it would be great, but I was super hesitant to dole out $60+ to have a few people look at my page for literally a few seconds. And then have to run it again to make sure my copy changes performed as expected.

Still, I did it and was amazed by what came back. I thought my hero section was absolute perfection but was quickly put back in my place when my 5 second test results came back. The answers I received were a lot further apart from my intention than I expected.

So I went back and rethought a few things. When I did it again, I knew I had tightened things up significantly.

I firmly believe that most sites can benefit from running 5 second tests.

However, not every creative, indie founder, or budding copywriter has a few hundred bucks to throw at 5 second tests. That's why I created this site.

I'm hoping that if you use this site, you'll see the same benefits that I did - but for a lot, lot less.


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