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How is it free? And other commonly asked questions

So, how is it free?
You can post tests for free, but to receive results, you'll have to take some of your peer's 5 second tests. For every 3 tests you take, you'll be eligible for one result on your test.
How long do tests take?
While they're called 5 second tests, they're more like 15-30 second tests. Seriously. They're that short and actually quite fun to complete.
What is a 5-second test?
A 5 second test is a usability test where users are shown an image for 5 seconds and then asked questions about the image they saw. These images are typically images of a homepage, landing page, or other website elements.
What questions are on every test?

There are two questions ever user is asked when taking a test:

  • Based on what you saw, what do you think this company does?
  • Based on what you saw, who is this page for?

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